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Yes! I want CALMNESS to FLOOD my LIFE!

Claim Your Calm 5 - Day Challenge

December 10-15, 2020 @ 8:00 EST

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the election madness and virtual school?

Are you OVERWHELMED with kids to keep on track,

family to take care of, and working too much or not enough?

Are you EXHAUSTED from holiday prep or quarantine isolation?

2020 has been one crazy year, and it isn’t over yet.

Let’s face it, YOU are tired…drained…and you want…no, NEED relief!

You want PEACE...

You want to feel CALM!

We SEE you! We FEEL you.

Long-term stress has been proven to...

  • Weaken the immune system

  • Mess with your sleep cycle

  • Causes problems with your concentration and memory and so much more! 

Long-term stress has been proven to...

While the bad news is that stress is here to stay,

 GOOD NEWS is that you can learn to manage it!


Yes, even during COVID…even with virtual school and home-office-in-your-kitchen


You deserve some PEACE…and TIME to focus on YOU. Let us show you how.

Join us for this 5-Day Claim Your Calm Challenge.  

Just 30 - 45 minutes a day set aside JUST FOR YOU. Will you give yourself this gift?

In 5 days, you will learn 5 SIMPLE STRATEGIES that can quickly shift you from

CHAOS to CALM in 60 seconds.

You will be able to…

You will be able to…

  • Make better decisions with an uncluttered mind

  • Take control of your emotions when you feel like

      you are about to “snap!”

  • Boost your energy level whenever you need it   

  • Quickly improve your mood and adjust your focus

Your family will thank you.

YOU will thank you!

Our Hosts

Anne-Marie Knight

co-founder, Hope and Healing Homes Inc

Stress Expert - SHINE! Consulting and Training LLC, Co-founder of Hope and Healing Homes, Inc., and Director, The Black Business Alliance

Yasmin Zayas

co-founder, Hope and Healing Homes Inc

Busy mother and grandmother, Co-founder, Hope and Healing Homes, Children’s Services specialist, and Client Service Director.

Our Guest Speakers

Dina Markind

Founder, Heart of Well-Being

Dina Markind is passionate about coaching individuals toward personal and professional success. Dina’s focus is leadership and life coaching starting with self-leadership; you are at the heart of all that you do. Dina is the founder of Heart of Well-Being and also works as a fellow coach with BetterUp.

Prior to becoming a coach, Dina worked as a clinical nurse for over 25 years. She brings a holistic view and nurturing style to coaching. In addition to individual coaching, Dina is a mentor coach and speaks on topics related to Well-Being.

Millie Grenough

Founder, Oasis in the Overwhelm

Millie Grenough, grandmom, peace activist, overall rabble-rouser, author of Oasis in the Overwhelm, and Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine.

Millie’s Oasis Strategies have now helped thousands of people around the world find greater balance, focus, and pleasure. She is the author of ten books, including Sing it! Learn English through Songs, making frequent appearances on TV and Radio interviews.

Suzanne Dudley-Schon

Suzanne has been working as a coach, author, and speaker for over twelve years. Along with her private clients she also is a lead coach with Upside Thinking. Her customized approach includes science-based tools, somatic work, and creative collaboration. From artists to stay-at-home moms to business leaders, Suzanne partners with clients to find freedom, joy, and success --as they define it. Oh, and sessions generally include some good laughs!

Steve and Susan Porcaro 

Steve is an executive coach, trainer and speaker with over 25 years of experience. He is passionate about helping individuals achieve their goals, improve team results, and create high-performers.

Susan is an extremely talented artist and illustrator, she draws both digitally and traditionally and her work has been featured in magazines, book covers, websites, candles, and clothing. After a recent weight-loss transformation, Steve and Susan are launching, The Happy, Healthy Kitchen, a Facebook discussion group.

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What Other People are Saying ...

  • Janet Cler Piselle

    Good morning everyone. I had a wonderful anxiety free commute this morning, even drove 55 instead of 40 most of the way!!! All thanks to a new friend who guided with a new tool to rewire my brain! I switched to a new channel, just like your TV remote, I switched from the worry and anxiety channel to the God channel as I call it - that's the I am calm, confident and rest assured channel, and then I took it one step further and told myself I was driving in the God lane! Worked like magic!!!! Thank you so much Ann-Marie!!!!!

  • Elsa

    "This day was perfect, I relaxed and learned so much."

  • Annonymous

    This was exactly what I needed...time to refresh and renew.

Yes! Sign me up!

The Power of 3 Breaths

Channel Shifting!

Getting Innergized!

6 Tips for Better Sleep

One Tumble to One Stone

  • Day 1 – Thursday, December 10th

  • Guest: Dina Markind

  • Day 2 – Friday, December 11th

  • Guest: Suzanne Dudley-Schon

  • Day 3 – Saturday, December 12th

  • Guests: Steve & Susan Porcaro

  • Day 4 – Sunday, December 13th

  • Guests: Anne-Marie Knight

  • Day 5 – Monday, December 14th

  • Guest: Millie Grenough

  • @ 8 PM EST

  •  © 2020 Hope and Healing